Staff Survey

What is this survey and why are we asking you to complete it?

This is an independent survey of your experience of working for UK Medical & Event Services. The overall aim is to gather information that will help to improve the working lives of staff in the company and so help to provide better care for patients.

UK Medical & Event Services will be able to use the results of the survey to improve local working
conditions and practices and to increase involvement and engagement with staff.

Please complete the survey for your current job, or the job you do most of the time. Please read each question carefully, but give your immediate response by ticking the box which best matches
your personal view.

Who will see my answers?

The survey is being conducted by UK Medical & Event Services. Your answers will be treated in confidence. No one in your organisation will be able to identify individual responses. The survey findings will be analysed by the Directors of the Company.

For each of the statements below, how often do you feel this way about your job?

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements about your job?